Born Geraldine Johns in London her journey began as child devoted to the Christ and longing to become a Nun. After a health crisis at 26 years old she studied yoga and meditation which literally saved her life. Geraldine taught yoga and meditation for over 30 years.

In the 1980’s she qualified as a Jungian Astrologer from The Centre for Psychological Astrology, London where she had a thriving practise teaching and qualifying astrologers.

Geraldine has been interviewed on T.V and Radio, has had several articles published and two books, and has been a speaker at many international conferences.

Her commitment is to provide centres of Light and Healing to support and further the education of esoteric knowledge and studies.


Born in London, Richard initially trained as a fine artist and having graduated he decided to devote his time to the care and education of children with severe emotionald and behavioural problems.

This lead to an enduring interest in alternative ways of working with psychological and emotional issues.

He now concentrates his energy into his work as a crystal healer, dowser and international lecturer.

With his wife Geraldine he has led guided journeys across Europe and the Holy Lands for over twenty years, focusing on earth energies and multi faith sacred sites.

Richard is the co-founder of Grail Haven Healing Sanctuaries in Australia, Glastonbury and the South of France.