Geraldine was guided to Grail Haven after experiencing a life changing vision at The Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England. Major Tudor Pole, deceased, Founder of the Chalice Well appeared to her in spirit form addressing Geraldine as “Daughter of the Well”. The message he gave was that she was to leave England and travel to Australia to find a water with unique healing properties at a sacred site. She was to ‘give the water to the people’. The water was hand bottled for many years.

The land of Grail Haven is ‘one sacred acre’ – the same dimensions as The Chalice Well. The gardens align with the seven Chakras of the body, thus making it a sacred site.

In 1993 Geraldine experienced a vision of Archangel Michael showing her the Michael ley line in England. This led to over twenty years of taking groups annually on the ‘Sacred Sites Tours”. These included Britain and Europe and took them to Archangel Michael sanctuaries, Mary Magdalene and goddess sites and they travelled over the years from western Ireland to Jerusalem.

In 2006 a vision of Spirit Beings instructed her to create flower essences from within the gardens and this led to the creating of the 38 Grail Haven Flower Essences.

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