Grail Haven Academy Offerings

Grail Haven is dedicated to sharing spiritual knowledge across different platforms, both online and face to face. Decide below how you would like to learn about the many different offerings that Grail Haven has in place, read about past, or upcoming, workshops, or learn how you can study in the comfort of your own home!

Online Education Classes

So you can't make it to our locations? How about we come to you!

We offer a variety of our workshops as online courses, providing an indepth look at many differing topics, from flower essences to astrology, tarot, developing your intuition and many more.........


You've decided it's now time to visit us and dive into our workshops, either in France or on Mt Tamborine?

Workshops cover a few hours of your time, a whole day, weekends, or even week long adventures into a variety of topics that will support your spiritual growth. Come and discover what is coming up in the near future, and near you, or read about what we've offered in the past............


Owner, Pranic Healing Centre, Heidelberg, Germany

All courses and teachings that Gerry offers for you will be an expansion and deepening of your knowledge and mind, a life changing experience to guide you on your Quest!

Richard has taught Crystal Healing and Gerry has put on workshops including ‘The Divine Feminine’, ‘Vibrational Medicine - Flower Essences', and Astrology workshops and consultations.
The way they teach, with calmness, humour and profound knowledge, make both of them to an enrichment for every healing centre

Wendy N

Author, Meditation Teacher, Integrative Energy Therapist -Dr Gawler Institute

I listened to seven days of teachings at FINDHORN, SCOTLAND, given by Gerry. She is a professional teacher of great knowledge and insight.  I especially resonated with her extensie knowledge of Essences with Archetypes, delivered in a calm and clear manner.  

These deeply informative teachings will captivate those looking to learn from one of the only experts in her field internationally. These teachings are now available on the Grail Haven website. It will be most rewarding for you to study with Gerry, in fact life changing