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cathartowerFollowing in the tradition of the ancient mystery schools, Grail Haven is creating a centre of healing, esoteric knowledge and fellowship. Our intention is to establish a sanctuary for healing, retreat, and the sharing of esoteric knowledge. Through fellowship our aim is to pass on the arcane wisdoms that empowers internal sovereignty with an underlying trust in the divine plan.

The ancient mystery schools operated within a strict system of rank, attainment, oral transmission, secrets and selective membership. This approach kept wisdom and arcane knowledge in the hands of a select few, a hierarchy. This system is still maintained within some contemporary schools. The ‘student’ is encouraged to believe that only through a course of study can he or she reach a level of wisdom or self discovery. In the same way as the church and their priests are seen as a bridge to God.

We believe that the new role of the mystery school is to facilitate the discovery of wisdoms through methods of direct experience and individual truth. Within the new information age, the exchange and sharing of knowledge should be considered a duty rather than a ‘trade’.

Our intention is to run a mixture of transformational workshops with retreat/quiet time, workshops include:france1

  • Yoga
  • Astrology (Psychological Jungian)
  • Crystal Healing
  • Flower Essences
  • Sacred Site tours – of the local Cathar country and further afield into France, Italy, Greece and the Holy Lands.

Workshop leaders interested in running workshops and retreats at Grail Haven France
are invited to contact us for more information.
The Centre will also be available to activity centred groups as a base to enjoy the local history,
culture and the natural environment.

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